2009-11-29 - London, UK
Barney Bubbles Memorial Event - Hawklords /Space Ritual
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2009-11-29 - London, UK - 229 Club - aud (112m) (2cd)
Nik Turner, Jerry Richards, Ron Tree, Alan Davey, Adrian Shaw, Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Swindells, Danny Thompson

Disc 1:

1) Earth Calling (1:45)
2) Born To Go > intro (7:48)
3) Orgone Accumulator (8:06)
4) 10 Seconds Of Forever (1:51)
5) Brainstorm (9:58)
6) Keeper Of The Reptoid (1:18)
7) 7 By 7 (7:02)
8) Sonic Attack (5:12)
9) Master Of The Universe (11:13)
10) Opa Loka - Nik talks (12:27) *

Disc 2:

1) You Shouldn't Do That - stage (10:39)
2) Steppenwolf (10:52) **
3) Psi Power (7:48) ***
4) band intro (4:49) $
5) Silver Machine (11:29) =

* "Simon King is here tonight, Simon good evening to you and welcome...I also, I also had a text from Stacia unfortunately she's not able to make it here tonight".
** "You're very welcome, thank you all for coming and supporting the Barney Bubbles Memorial benefit concert...".
*** "This song is for Thomas...".
$ Band intro: Harvey Bainbridge, Danny Thompson, Adrian Shaw, Alan Davey, Ron Tree, Steve Swindells, Jerry Richards, Nik Turner.
= "I'd just like to mention a benefit that I'm doing in...on December the 22nd I think it is, it's ah, it's in...it's in Portsmouth and it's...it's in the Wedgewood Rooms".

Source: Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones.
[Hawklords - 229 Club, London 29.11.09] Torrent on Dime by Rbose1.
No SBE's - True lossless source.
Date and venue confirmed by event poster (see above).
Other acts were Inner City Unit, The Imperial Pompadours, Brian James Gang, Pentameters Players, Fitzgerald & Coxhill's Fre-Ex, Jeff Dexter, Trikimiki & Quintesence.
Press release for the Barney Bubbles Memorial Event can be found here.

A review (by Graham P.) of the event can be found Starfarer's Hawkwind Page.

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