2008-11-29 - Southampton, UK
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2008-11-29 - Christchurch, UK - The Thomas Tripp - aud (135m) (2cd)
Nik Turner, Mick Slattery, Thomas Crimble, Terry Ollis, Jerry Richards, Chriss Purdon, Miss Angel

1) The Right Stuff (5.42) *
2) Watching The Grass Grow (8:39)
3) Sonic Savages (6:42)
4) Ritual Of The Ravaged Earth (7:28)
5) Steppenwolf (13:48) **
6) Otherworld  (13:07)
7) The Riddle (7:50)
8) Time Crime (7:56) ***
9) Reefer Madness (10:05)
10) Sonic Attack (5:29)
11) Bubbles (6:09) $
12) D Rider (12:09)
13) Walking Backwards (7:39)
14) Brainstorm - band intro (11:52) =
15) Master Of The Universe (10:26)

* Show starts as P.A. music is still playing.
** "...A song by Robert Calvert, Steppenwolf".
*** "Robert Calvert memorial benefit concert a while ago, this was put together and a lot of people there, we're doing a gig at the Roundhouse sometimes soon".
$ "Thank you very much, that was a song called 'Bubbles', it's dedicated to our friend Mr. Barney Bubbles, thank you".
= Band intro: Thomas Crimble, Jerry Cornelius Richards, Chriss Purdon, Michael Slattery, Terry Ollis, Miss Angel, Nik Turner.

Source: Sony ECM-717>Yamaha Pocketrak 2G>USB>Soundforge>dBpoweramp Music Converter.
[spaceritual-291108] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by Mr_rubbish.
True lossless source.
Barney Bubbles Memorial announced: Hawklords (everybody in Hawkwind except Dave) London Roundhouse March 8.

"The Thomas Tripp is a very small nightclub that occasionally has live acts, it's not a great live venue with limited views of the 6 inch high stage. I've seen a couple of acts here and the audience is fairly reserved but for some reason when Space Ritual play (this is their 2nd show here) it attracts a crowd of madmen. I attempted to record this from near the front but it was a bit uncomfortable, you'll pick up on the jostling on the recording. The PA was not very loud...".

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