2005-07-15 - Breitenbach, GE
Burg Herzberg Festival
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"SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 95"
2005-07-15 - Breitenbach (Hessen), GE - late night show - aud (116m) (2cd)
Nik Turner, Mick Slattery, Thomas Crimble, Terry Ollis, Dave Anderson, Sam Ollis, John Greves, Miss Angel + Ed (Ozric Tentacles)

1) Welcome To The Future (3:11) *
2) Ghost Dance (5:59)
3) The Right Stuff (5:32)
4) Born To Go (8:56)
5) Time Crime (6:45)
6) Orgone Accumulator (9:47)
7) Sonic Attack (4:41)
8) D-Rider (14:12)
9) Brainstorm (11:11)
10) Sonic Savages (6:47)
11) Ejection (9:44)
12) Watching The Grass Grow (8:31)
13) band intro by Nik (1:48) **
14) Master Of The Universe - crowd (16:23) ***

15) Nik's sax improvisation (Tequila) (2:48)

* [Cuts in on intro].
** Band: Mr. Mick Slattery, Mr. Thomas Crimble, John The Ghost, Sam, Terry Ollis, Dave Anderson, Miss Angel. "...Our website is called".
*** "Dankeschoen, we'd like to thank also on stage here playing guitar Ed from the Ozrics, Mr. Ed...thank you...". Emcee: "Dankeshoen, das war Space Ritual...".

Source: OKM2R>SHARP DR470>MD->playback on the same>HD>SDcard>HD>Sounengine (Edit+Remaster)>WAV>TLH8>FLAC>DIME>Your ears and mind brainstormin'.
[NIK TURNER'S SPACE RITUAL 2005-07-15 HERZBERG] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by SB.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Date and venue confirmed by Festival poster (above).
"In contrast to the crystal clear sound of the OZRICS (see # 94), the overall sound is quite muddy. The vocals are barely audible up to track 7..."
Stereo audience recording.

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