2000-06-16 - Hamburg, GE
German Hawkfan Convention Fest
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2000-06-16 - Hamburg, GE - Tipsy Apes Fairground - aud (69m)
Liquid Visions (unknown lineup) + Nik Turner

1) ? (5:27) *
2) ? (3:51)
3) ? (6:34)
4) ? (5:40)
5) ? (3:36)
6) ? (3:30)
7) ? (8:21)
8) ? (8:26)
9) ? (8:56) **
10) Master Of The Universe (intro jam) (5:04) ***
11) Master Of The Universe (10:21) ***

* [Cuts in].
** Song lyrics: "Liquid visions, different sounds". "So, I don't see Nik...".
*** Nik Turner guesting.

Source: Rec. Info: OKM2R->SHARP MD->TRANSFER->CDR (received in 2000)-> EAC (SM)->WAV->TLH8->FLAC->DIME->YOUR EARS AND MIND.
[LIQUID VISIONS with NIK TURNER 2000-06-17 HAMBURG] Torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
Original audience recording by Michael S, the "Tall One" from Pinneberg.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
A review of this show (with evidence that Liquid Visions played on June 16th, not 17th) can be found on Aural Innovations website.
Stereo audience recording.
"11 tracks, the final one is "Master of the Universe". Otherwise no setlist, sorry...Nik's not on all tracks, and I can't remember when he joined in the show.All I can remember is that he looked real bizarre in a full shiny black leather outfit.Think of Mondo Bondage... By the end of the last millenium LIQUID VISIONS from BERLIN, GERMANY, were about one of the best psychedelic bands from this country. I think about 2003 the band called its quits due to constant low sales on CDs. Some of them joined THE BROTHERHOOD OF LOVE, who had a very fine concert at Burg Herzberg Festival 2008, released as a CD. Liquid Vision, too, played Herzberg as I can
recall twice, but there seems to be no recording out there...".

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