1979-07-07 - London, UK
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1979-07-07 - Ladbroke Grove, UK - sbd (47m) torrent
Nik Turner, Dead Fred, Trev Thoms, Dino Ferrari, Mo Vicarage + Vermillion Sands, Kif Kif (on mixing desk)

1) Jailhouse Rock (6:06) *
2) O.K. (2:22) **
3) Watching The Grass Grow (4:22)
4) Solitary Ashtray (4:13) ***
5) Cars Eat (5:12) $
6) Cybernetic Love (3:35)
7) Ska Lab Is Falling (8:09) =

8) Master Of The Universe (8:19)
crowd (0:54) +
Brainstorm (3:07) ?

11) outro (1:20) &

* Sung by Vermillion Sands.
** [Cut at 1:17 before song start]. "Use Vermillion's microphone now Dave...wherever it's gone...what did you do with it".
*** "This next song we're gonna play is our latest's called Solitary Ashtray".
$ "...That song's dedicated to Astrid Proll, you might have heard of...solitary Astrid...Nik...Nik...".
= Some tape wear during the first part of the song.
+ KifKif: "You know that's Nik Turner's Inner City Unit". Nik Turner: "By the way let's legalize cannabis".
? [Cut at 1:05?].
& "Nik Turner's Inner City Unit, fantastic...I'm sorry we can't play anymore (...) we should be doing some more concerts down here in August, I think...".

Source: cassette (low gen) > CDR > WAV > trader's little helper > FLAC.
[Inner City Unit Ladbroke Grove, London 1979-07-07] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by roofwalker.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
"This is a soundboard recording of Inner City Unit's second ever gig. And, even though it is through the mixing desk, the sound is pretty ropey in places - there is quite a bit of hiss in the quiet bits, the bass is rather boomy in places and the mix takes a while to settle down. Oh, and the first track is awful (Vermillion "sings"). But it is a classic - a free gig from under the Westway. If you ever saw ICU in the early eighties, this will take you back there. The gig is frequently shambolic...".

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