1979-06-24 - Stonehenge, UK
Stonehenge Festival
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1979-06-24 - Stonehenge, UK - Festival - aud? (47m)
Nik Turner, Dead Fred, Trev Thoms, Dino Ferrari, Mo Vicarage + Corinna (Karina Peggoty)

1) O.K. > Watching The Grass Grow (7:46) *
2) Solitary Ashtray
- tuneup (5:07) **
3) Cars Eat - Kif Kif (6.42) ***
4) Alright On The Flight (3:00)
5) Cybernetic Love - Kif Kif (5:14) ***
Master Of The Universe - stage (11:31) $
7) Nuclear Waste (5:07) =
8) stage (1:39)
9) Watching The Grass Grow (6:11) +

* "We're waiting for Ermanno".
** Dropout (tape played but inaudible) from 1:45 to 3:05. "That...thank you, that song was dedicated to Astrid Proll".
*** Stage announcements by Kif Kif.
$ "If Corinna's around can she come to the stage?".
= Lead vocal by Corinna.
+ "Nik said I think we'll get the next band, ok, because we got a lot of bands to play...ok, he he, hugs, ok, Steffy if you could put some more sounds in the P.A".

Source: cassette - CD Wave - FLAC
Another one from the Chippington vault...
[Inner City Unit - Stonehenge 1979] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by PJPeanutz.
No SBE's - True lossless source.
This line up played at the 1979 Glastonbury Festival as Sphynx, filmed by BBC and an edited version was shown in 1980.
Here & Now, Blank Space, Dangerous Girls and various acts sets from this Festival also circulate.
More on the festival Uk Festivals website.

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