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1978-11-?? - unknown studio - sbd (32m)
Nik Turner, Karina Peggoty, Harry Williamson, Mo Vicarage, Trevor Darks?, Ermanno Ghisio-Erba?

1) "on the air"? (3:39) *
2) ? (3:38) **
3) ? (5:16) *
4) ? (5:11)
5) ? (5:11) ***
6) ? (3:19)
7) ? (3:21) $
8) Tarka (Salmon Hunting) (3:13)
9) hiss (0:06)

* Also performed at "Gong Xmas Party" (Dec. 19th 1978 show at Electric Ballroom, London).
** Also performed at "Gong Xmas Party". Incorporates themes also found in Mother Gong's "Pyramid 21/8" ("W.F.M." tape) and "Wassilissa" ("Fairy Tales").
*** Possibly a theme by Harry Williamson?
$ Dropout at 0:08.

Source: cassette > cdr (Tascam CDRW 750) > wav (EAC) > flac.
[Nik Turner - 1978-11-00 - demos] Received as cdr in private mail trade.
No SBE's - TLH analysis
I received this recording labeled as "Nik Turner unreleased lp 1978".
More on Harry Williamson's involvement with Nik Turner's Sphynx here.

Brian "Zero" Abbott on the PlanetGong forum: "I had this tape straight from Nik at the time. There was no mention of Steve Hillage. It was called Sphynx demos vol 1. The singer was Corrina, Niks girlfriend at the time, Mo Vicarage was on keyboards, Harry williamson, guitars. Might even have been Harvey Bainbridge on bass, Drums, not sure. There was a very embrionic version of sonic savages. Also Harrys journey to atlantis. Yes the quality was very muffled. I longed for a cleaner version and for volume two (sigh).

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