1978-08-06 - London, UK

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1978-08-06 - London, UK - The Nashville Room - aud (44m)
Alan Powell, Brian James, Andy Colquhoun, Tony Moore

1) Transmagical (3:01)
2) ?
3) Why I Die (4:15)
4) Top O' The World (3:13)
5) ? (4:14)
6) I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry (3:34)
Neat, Neat, Neat (4:48)
8) Mistaken (4:27)
9) Torture Time (7:13)
New Rose (3:09)
11) I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry (2:51)

Source: cassette(x)>Audacity(16/44 Wav)>Flac frontend(Flac Level 8).
[Tanz.Der.Youth.Nashville.Rooms.London.UK.1978.08.06] Shared as torrent on Dime by Pipeanutz.
No SBE's - True lossless source.

"Here's the 2nd treat that was on the other side of the tape that had that rare XTC gig from 1978, Tanz Der Youth ! Tanz Der Youth was sort of a Punk Supergroup featuring ex members of The Damned, Hawkwind, and Warsaw Pakt.Their only recorded output is one single and a Peel Seesion that they performed a few days before this gig. Anybody have a lossless version of said Peel Session ? I also need help filling out the remaining setlist. Anyways, enjoy this lost gem from the Punk Vaults!".

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