"Imperial Pompadors"


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Cassette reissue of side 1 of "Ersatz" LP + single tracks
Total time: 46:03

Side 1: (23:43)

1) The Crusher
2) See You Soon Baboon
3) Fu Manchu
4) Brand New Cadillac
5) The World Of LSD
6) Little Black Egg
7) Moo Goo Gai Pan
8) Gemini Spacecraft
9) Lightshow
10) Chicken
11) There's A Fungus Among Us
12) King Bee

Side 2: (22:20)

1) King Bee
2) Black Leather Trousers And Motorcycle Bootss
3) So t ry As id
4) Nuclear Waste
5) Digital Love
6) Paradise Beach

Credits on cassette:




Notes & details:

This is a private cassette release from Nik Turner which is part of a series of tapes called "Official Bootleg".
The tape contains a straight-from-vinyl recording of side 1 from the deleted
LP on Pompadour label (1982) plus four tracks from non-album single releases substituting side 2 of Ersatz ("Insolence Across The Nation").
End of side 2 has some "parasite" sounds ("Silver Machine" is recognizable).

All tapes in this series are plain black with no labels; no titles and credits on cover, just handcut covers (my scan above).
Nik Turner made these tapes to be sold at gigs and from his mail address (no exact date but around 1995).

The only reference on the web to some of the tapes was on the Hawkwind Discussion List (offline now).

All tracks on side 1 + tracks 1 & 2 on side 2 are from Ersatz (Pompadour 1982).
- So try As id: Solitary Ashtray b side, 1980 Riddle 45" (Turner, Thoms, Fred, Magneto, Dave Dog).
- Nuclear Waste: Radio Actors (Williamson, Turner, Hillage, Howlett, Sting, Broughton, Smyth). Charly, 1979.
- Digital Love: Radio Actors (Williamson, Turner, Hillage, Howlett, Sting, Broughton, Smyth).
Charly, 1979.
- Paradise Beach: A side of 1980
Riddle 45" single (Turner, Thoms, Fred, Magneto, Stupp).

The Imperial Pompadours

Nik Turner - Sax, Vox
Trev Thoms - Guitar, Vox
Dino Ferrari - Drums
Barney Bubbles - Genius

Cassette (no labels)




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