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1970-1971 - Studio outtakes & BBC Radio 1 (26m)
Duncan Sanderson, Russell Hunter, Paul Rudolph, Trevor Burton

1970 Studio outtakes:
1) Lucille (2:39)
2) The Snake (7:35)

1971-11-04 - BBC Radio 1 - "The Concert Programme":
3) Johnny B Goode (4:20) *
4) Uncle Harry's Last Freakout (12:07) **

* "Hi there fans and you're back on Radio 1 on 247 m and a certain number of mhz and it's The Concert Programme again and we start off with the Pink Fairies".
- Band intro by John Peel: "
There's Paul Rudolph on guitar and vocals, Trevor Burton on guitar and vocals, Russ Hunter on drums and Duncan Sanderson on bass".
** "And this next one's a group composition and it tells the story of Uncle Wallis' Last Freakout, god bless him".

Source: This was one of the first Dime downloads I got, before I backed each download onto a hard drive. So this is from the CD I burnt from the download.
[PINK FAIRIES 1970-71] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints

Etree database lists a BBC Top Gear recording (November 28th 1970) with the same setlist. It might be the same recording as these "studio outtakes".
1971 BBC show listed on Etree database.

"The first two tracks are alternative studio outtakes, the last two are from the BBC broadcast introduced by John Peel...".

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