2003-08-17 - Amsterdam, NL
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2003-08-17 - Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg - aud (83m) (2cd)
Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey, Keith Barton + Mr. Dibs

Disc 1:

1) intro (0:40)
2) Arrival In Utopia (7:40)
3) The Watcher (6:20)
4) Master Of The Universe (6:10)
5) Wings (7:00)
6) The Right Stuff > Paranoia (11:00)
7) Brainbox Pollution (5:18)

Disc 2:

1) Abducted  (3:29)
2) Angela Android (5:14)
3) Green Finned Demon (8:33)
4) Assault & Battery (3:52)
5) The Golden Void (5:12)
6) Where Are They Now (2:56)
7) Hassan I Sahba > Space Is Their (Palestine) > Hassan I Sahba (reprise) (10:34)

Source: CDRs received in trade (unknown source) -> EAC -> TLH -> FLAC.
[Hawkwind 2003-08-17 Amsterdam (exc audience recording)] Shared as torrent on Dime by Sonic.
No SBE's - True lossless source.
Date and venue confirmed by Filip Hawnut. His review of this gig can be found on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page.
Show listed on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page and Hawkeye websites.

"This was a monster gig. A load of us went over from the Uk and met up with friends we knew from the Yahoo Hawkwind and BOC lists. Amsterdam being Amsterdam, we were all totally trashed - I actually passed out briefly during the set.
And this is a stunner of a recording - check out the clips.
Enjoy the show. Sonic".

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