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1983-09-03 - Milton Keynes, UK
UK Electronica
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1983-09-03 - Milton Keynes, UK - Woughton Centre - aud (52m)
Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Nik Turner

1) Phone Home Elliot (12:25)
2) Dream Worker (9:27)
3) jam 1 (5:56)
4) Black Corridor (4:36)
5) I Said It Might Get More Exciting (6:10)
6) jam 2 (2:19)
7) Ghost Dance (9:09) *
8) audience (2:20) **

* Insert from VHS source from 6:15 to 6:31 (crossfaded).
** "Dave Brock...Harvey Bainbridge...Nik Turner(...) just a minute please, thank you, without yourselves this festival would never have taken place, thank you".

Source: Aiwa mic>Aiwa walkman (auto-record level)>TDK AD90 master cassette>SW1000XG>wav.
The tape flip (at 45 mins, naturally) is patched with 20 seconds which comes from: Ferguson Videostar (VCR)>master VHS>SW1000XG>wav (this source is mono).
Original audience recording by Alasdair Macdonald.

[milton keynes 03-09-83] Flac set on dvd data in private mail trade.
No SBE's - THL analysis - fingerprints
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