1982-10-30 - St. Albans, UK
Choose Your Masques Tour
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1982-10-30 - St. Albans, UK - City Hall - aud (68m)
Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd-Langton, Martin Griffin, Nik Turner

1) intro (1:09) *
2) Choose Your Masques (5:43)
3) Coded Languages (5:05)
4) Magnu (4:42)
5) Dust Of Time (3:51)
6) Waiting For Tomorrow (6:48)
7) Angels Of Death (6:18)
8) Ghost Dance (5:21)
9) Golden Void (2:39) **
10) Psychedelic Warlords (7:34)
11) Social Alliance (4:43)
12) Utopia (8:23)
13) Solitary Mind Games (6:20).

* [Cuts in on intro].
** [Cut (tape flip)].

Source: Aud (Aiwa walkman / external stereo mic) > Adobe Audition >FLAC > WAV >CD Wave Editor > FLAC.
[Hawkwind 1982-10-30 (St Albans, UK - Stuart Barton Master)] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
True lossless source.
Stuart Barton Master "Recorded using an Awia recording walkman and an external stereo mic which was new in 1982".
Show listed on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page and Hawkeye websites.

"I cant remember the model numbers and the devices are long since lost. This is actually from my copy of the master casette. TDK AD C90 tape. Dolby out. It cuts off after Dream worker as my mate who was holding the recorder passed out and colapsed to the floor. All highly amusing, however the rest of the tape is the sound of us draging him out and getting him round again, which I have saved you from. Transferred in March 2007 using Adobe Audition at  44.1KHz 16 bit. The only processing has been Normalisation." (Stuart's original notes).
A huge thank you to Stuart for taping this show and giving permission for it to be tracked in a form suitable for Dime".

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