1981-06-20 - Pilton, UK
Glastonbury CND Festival
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1981-06-20 - Pilton, UK - Worthy Farm - aud (68m)
Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd-Langton, Martin Griffin

poster poster

1) intro (2:28)
2) Master Of The Universe (5:20)
3) Motorway City (5:53)
4) Shot Down In The Night (8:49)
5) Virgin Of The World (5:08)
6) Angels Of Death (13:53) *
7) Magnu (4:33)
8) Dust Of  Time (4:26)
9) PSI Power - tuning (6:24)
10) Brainstorm / The Right Stuff / Brainstorm (11:30)

* Tape flip between track 6 and 7.

Source: Original tape>CDR>me>EAC>Cool Edit Pro to fix break for tape flip between tracks 6 and 7>FLAC frontend>you.
[1981-06-21 Hawkwind, Stonehenge (aud, directly from master tape)] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
True lossless source.
Date and venue confirmed by Festival poster and program above.

Festival listed on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page and Hawkeye.
Info file and folder name for this torrent appear to have a wrong date (June 21st 1981).
Mother Gong's set  from the festival (June 21 w/Nik Turner's theatrics) was officially released. More on UK Festivals website.

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