1978-03-06 - New York, NY
USA Tour
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1978-03-06 - New York, NY - Bottom Line - early show - aud (42m)
Dave Brock, Simon King, Simon House, Bob Calvert, Adrian Shaw

1) intro (1:26) *
Hassan I Sahba (5:28)
instrumental bridge (1:37)
4) Brainstorm (6:01)
Steppenwolf (8:39)
High Rise (4:41)
Robot (8:57)
8) Spirit Of The Age (6:00) **

* "Hello".
** [Cut].

Source: AUD -> ??? -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC -> Audacity -> CD Wave Editor (for cutting) > Flac.
[Hawkwind - New York, Bottom Line Club, 06 March 1978 (Remaster)] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
True lossless source.
Show listed on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page and Hawkeye websites.

Audience recording, pretty good - this is surely one of the better Calvert-era audience recordings.
Historical Details:
This is an incomplete version of one of their shows on their last tour before breaking up and becoming the Hawklords. Simon House left the band on March 13 to join David Bowie. On 28th March the band played their final gig in San Francisco to break up immeadiatly after.
Technical Details:
This one was  seeded in March at dime. The seeder claimed this to be from the bootleg "Live at the Bottom Line". I doubt this because
a. it has no vinyl crackle at all
b. there is no record flip inbetween (although there was a gap in the middle - but this didn't sounded like a flip)
c. it is missing "Sonic Attack" which is on the vinyl
d. a mp3-version which also claims to be from the boot has all the above evidents and is notable different".

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