1977-02-27 - London, UK

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1977-02-27 - London, UK - Roundhouse - aud (76m)
Dave Brock, Simon King, Simon House, Bob Calvert, Adrian Shaw

1) intro > Reefer Madness (6:40) *
Hassan I Sahba (5:02)
Forge Of Vulcan (2:33)
Brainstorm (7:36)
Wind Of Change (3:52)
6) Steppenwolf (10:02)
Spirit Of The Age (9:17) **
Sonic Attack (4:08) ***
Damnation Alley (10:12)
Fable Of A Failed Race (3:51)
Uncle Sam's On Mars > The Iron Dream (7:50) $

12) Waiting For My Man (5:40)

* Fluctuation and very light tics during first half.
** Fades out on start of "Sonic Attack".
*** Fades in on synth intro with repeated bit (1:35 overlap).
$ "...Hawkwind ladies and gentlemen..."

Source: Unknown Gen CDR>EAC (correct offsets)>TLH (Flac 6).
[1977-02-27 - London - The Roundhouse] Wav set on dvd data in private mail trade.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show listed on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page and Hawkeye websites.

"It seems that the first part of the first track comes from a much poorer source than the rest of this recording. Sound improves noticeably part way through Reefer Madness. Given how long ago this was recorded I'd give this a 6.5/10. It's very listenable. Bob's voice is often low in the mix, but Dave's guitar comes through quite nicely. Nice recording of a nice performance.
This ones for whoever it was that requested this last week....... Enjoy.
As always, please support the band wherever you're able to, by buying their offical products or going out and seeing them on tour.

Please feel free to trade or share. Please, MP3 for personal use only - thanks".

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