1976-07-10 - Barnstaple, UK
West Country Tour
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1976-07-10 - Barnstaple, UK - Queens Hall - aud (14m)
Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Simon King, Simon House, Alan Powell, Paul Rudolph, Bob Calvert

1) Assault & Battery (2:20) *
Golden Void (3:31) **
3) The Awakening > Opa Loka (2:26) ***
Spacey Interlink (2:52) $
Brainstorm (1:10) =
6) Spacey Interlink (0:45) +
Steppenwolf (1:16) ?

* [Start cut. Fades and cuts at 1:20 and at 2:20]. Start and end only.
** [Starts fading in. Fades and cuts at 1:00]. Middle and end only.
*** [Cuts at 2:26]. "Opa Loka": start only.
$[Starts fading in].
= [Cut]. Start only.
+ [Start and end cut].
? [Fades in. Fades and cuts at 0:31 and 1:16]. Start and middle only.

Source: original cassette tape > 2nd gen tape (1976) > WAV (2006: Cakewalk GTP) >.
Original audience recording by Graham.
[Hawkwind 1976-07-10 Barnstaple (14 mins)] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
True lossless source.

Show listed on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page and Hawkeye websites.
"There'd normally be little point in releasing a rather sound-distorted 14-mins tape of a post-75 Hawkwind gig, as there's at least one decent recording around from every tour from 1976 on.
However, I think the July 1976 gig was unique. This was an isolated summer gig, falling inbetween the big spring and autumn tours of '76, and maybe Brock was feeling experimental - it exceeded even the Greasy Truckers 1971 gig for for the intensity of the spacey interlinks. This is Hawkwind as very few people have ever heard them, devastatingly cosmic".
"The first 40 mins of the gig were taped using a portable cassette recorder and its internal mic, down near the right-hand speaker stack...".

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