2010-05-08 - Leamington Spa, UK
Progeny 3
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2010-05-08 - Leamington Spa, UK - The Assembly - aud (55m)
Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Tim Blake, Niall Hone + 4 others coming & going

1) Tim Blake intro / a song of love (7:55) *
2) Digital Nation (6:17)
3) Kings Of Speed (4:49)
4) Green Finned Demon (7:05)
5) The Right Stuff (6:30)
6) Song For A New Age (6:01) **
7) The Wastelands Of Sleep (5:00)
8) unknown song (3:05) ***
9) Brainstorm (8:25)

* "In the evenings the sun goes down, they sing their songs of war, of peace, of love and even hope and so here we are tonight for you, The Elves Of Silbury Hill".
** "Ok this is New Age by Tim Blake...".
*** "Ok this is another new one...this one is from our new forthcoming LP...".

Source: Cdr from taper>wav (with EAC log)>flac.
Original audience recording by David.

[The Elves Of Silbury Hill] Flac set received as cdr from taper in private mail trade.
No SBE's - TLH analysis
Date and venue confirmed by taper.
Show listed on PlanetGong website.
A set of pictures by Tim Ellis from this show can be found on his Flickr pages.
Here & Now's set from this Festival also circuates.

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